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What Do People Say About Andrew R Edwards?
Andy Edmonds Testimonial
“ Andrew is super sharp and
always on top of the Internet. Highly recommended to facilitate your e-business ”
Andy Edmonds
Senior Director Of Search For eBay
“ What I respect most about
Andrew is his sense of
integrity to getting the
promised result ”
David testimonial
David Bullock – Profit Engineer
Senior Social Media Advisor To Barack Obama

Lance young testimonial
“ Our website is now functioning more efficiently to help achieve our commercial targets ”
Greg Adermann
Communications & Marketing Manager, SUNCORP STADIUM
“ Andrew and his team have
increased our sales leads by
using Google Adwords.
I would recommend you work
with Andrew ”
suncorp testimonial
Lance Young

Business Credentials

Andrew is a

  • Official Google Partner
  • Testimonials from the ex director of search for eBay and the senior advisor to Barack Obama for Social Media
  • Over 300 training videos on YouTube
  • In the 11th year of full time internet marketing with well in excess of $150,000 investment, which is ongoing, in Andrew & his team expertise.35 years business development experience
  • Specialist focus on improving sales & leads from website tracking / measuring using advanced Google Analytics.

How can Andrew & his team, help increase your leads & sales offline or online?


Past Career

Andrew emigrated to Australia from the UK as a senior sales & marketing specialist, chosen by the Federal Government to help boost the economy. His successful track record in the UK included working for a $22billion, top 100 UK company for 13 years in all areas of business management & development.

Andrew was also the sales & marketing director of a successful start up e pharmaceutical wholesaler & doubled the sales to $12m a year, over 2 years.

Why Will Your Get Improved Results? How are we different?

LinkedIn Endorsements

linked in testimonials

The critical unique offer of our company is how to strategically connect each online (& offline) marketing strategy, in a step by step proven process, to get profitable sales & lead results, that are trackable / measurable with advanced Google Analytics, showing the positive ROI, using an experienced team in house.

Many companies will not have all the expertise in one place, will outsource solutions and as a result breakdowns in communication often occur, as it’s like having 5 coaches for a sport team, it just does not work.

What Services Do We Offer To Grow Your Sales, Leads & Knowledge?

  • Internet Marketing Coaching – Groups and selectively, one on one.
  • Expert Speaker – Topics including:
  • How to double your leads using proven Integrated Marketing strategies
  • Google Adwords (Pay per click) & Google Analytics
  • Conversion focused Mobile websites
  • How You Can Double Leads From Your Online Marketing
  • The 7 Biggest Mistakes in Digital Media Marketing
  • Is Search Engine Optimisation Dead?

All your marketing technical and marketing copy requirements ‘done for you including;

  • Creating lead generation desktop / mobile websites, Blogs, using advanced conversion design, psychology and optimisation practices
  • Demographic & psychographic targeting to understand your clients & prospects business needs
  • Tracking & measuring your offline / online marketing using Google Analytics and advanced eye tracking tools, to avoid wasting money & boost your leads / sales
  • Pay per click advertising (Google Adwords & Facebook advertising) for proven & profitable results for testing which keyword phrases convert into sales & leads

Please see our extensive and powerful educational Google Adwords YouTube videos to learn how to grow your buyers, new patients and leads and top3 Google ranking examples (link)

  • Basic & advanced Search Engine Optimisation to create qualified leads from Google
  • Email marketing templates, marketing copy, tracking / measuring, mobile optimisation & creation of free electronic offers to grow your audience  & sales leads
  • Social Media strategies & profile creation – Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, blogging, so your audience gets to ‘know like & trust you’, while building your audience. (Andrew`s social media profile links: LinkedIn | Google Plus | Facebook | Twitter)
  • Marketing videos creation, YouTube search engine optimisation / business channel setup & ranking analysis to boost your branding and qualified prospects (YouTube channel  – over 300 training videos)
  • Professional marketing & business plans for implementation of your cutting edge Integrated Digital Marketing strategies
  • Professional marketing copy content for website to generate more leads & sales, through ‘emotional’ based content

Contact us today to discuss how you can grow your business profits online.

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Online Marketing Quick & Easy?
Have you spoken to marketing companies who make it sound easy, by implementing one main service they offer, that you will get results?
  • Has it worked for you?
  • The solution is improving your sales & leads with combining cutting edge Integrated Marketing strategies
  • Get your free Integrated Marketing review now to grow your leads
Business Credentials
  • Queensland Government approved consultant
  • Chamber of Commerce Queensland speaker
  • Google partner
  • Comm bank flagship branch, Brisbane, speaker
  • Over 10 years in full time Integrated Marketing lead generation
Advanced Internet Marketing Strategist & Speaker
Andrew is a highly experienced and successful senior business development professional with over 29 years experience & $164m of sales.

He is the director of a successful business consultancy firm team, that has grown rapidly locally & internationally, over the past 10 years.

Learn below in the short video, how to take advantage of Social Media, SEO to create more leads / sales & the REAL secret to success online, taken from 10 years full time advanced experience.

How Can Andrew Help Increase Your Leads & Sales ?
Past Career
Andrew emigrated to Australia from the UK as a senior sales & marketing specialist, chosen by the Federal Government to help boost the economy.
Online Marketing Credentials
Andrew & his team’s expertise have been professionally developed by 29 world class Internet Marketing specialists.
These include the senior director of search for e Bay and the senior advisor to Barack Obama for Social Media.